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Name: Conner
Country: USA
Age: 47
On since: Sat 14 May 2005
Biography: Primary SysOp of The Castle's Dungeon BBS at telnet://tcdbbs.zapto.org which is an old school BBS that caters to all ages in a family friendly environment with a medieval setting and has a seperate game server running at telnet://tcdbbs.zapto.org:24 and Supreme Entity of a MUD called Land of Legends at telnet://tcdbbs.zapto.org:4000 running heavily modified SmaugFUSS 1.6, there is a web site for both at http://tcdbbs.zapto.org. In addition to hosting my own mud & bbs & web site, I also host a mud called The Lands of Pabulum which I also host at telnet://tcdbbs.zapto.org:6000, and I am a teacher at the Smaug Building Institute which I recently took over hosting of at telnet://tcdbbs.zapto.org:4218. I'm also a father of three sons & a daughter and an ex-husband twice over as well as a husband yet again. Born in 1970, I've been using computers now since 1977-78 and have learned to code in several languages, but networking is my real forte... if you want to know more, feel free to ask.
Posts: 381
ICQ number: 3787168
Home page: http://tcdbbs.zapto.org
Email: connerdestron@gmail.com

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